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Our Process

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

    Twelve31 Advisors appreciates the sensitive nature of business sales and the data that is handled during the business brokerage process. Prior to taking any active steps to sell your business, we will commit to a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure confidentiality throughout the transaction process.

  • Initial Consultation.

    Meet with your Twelve31 Advisor in person to discuss your unique business and your personal goals. At this point we discuss your business and determine if it is the proper time to sell or if more exit planning is needed.  Your Advisor will answer all your questions and explain Twelve31’s Sales Process.

  • Confidential Appraisal

    Twelve31 gathers current and historical financial and other information about your company and creates valuation spreadsheets. We then analyzes the information and a valuation of the business is prepared using one of four valuation methods:

    • Asset Valuation
    • Cost-to-Create Valuation
    • Industry Valuation
    • Cash Flow Valuation


    We then meet and explains the valuation and answers any questions.

  • Listing Agreement

    At the same time Twelev31 presents the valuation, we also present our Listing Agreement and Success Fee structure — a commission based on a percentage of the price that your business sells for, due at settlement. If you decide to move forward, we enter into a simple Listing Agreement and begin the sales portion of our process.

  • Information Memorandum

    The Twelve31 Advisory Team creates a detailed, custom-written prospectus that presents your business in its best light to prospective buyers. The prospectus contains the majority of the information buyers need to make an investment decision.

  • Buyer Assessment

    Twelve31 Advisors has a unique three-tiered approach that ensures your business is matched to the right buyer:

    • Twelve31’s Database Of Active Buyers. Twelve31 Advisors maintains a database of buyers — high net worth entrepreneurs, private equity funds and other companies — actively searching for business acquisitions.
    • Discreet Online Advertising. Twelve31 Advisors attracts and carefully qualifies new buyers with “blind” ads — never identifying your company — on websites that host business buying and selling activity.
    • Proactive Marketing. Twelve31 Advisors locates companies — qualified by size, industry and geography — that may have an interest in acquiring a business like yours.
  • Offer and Negotiation

    After Twelve31 has located suitable buyers, we arrange in-person or virtual meetings, facilitates requests for additional information and solicit offers from the buyers. We then manages the negotiation process to assure you the best deal from the strongest buyer.

  • Managing The Due Diligence And Purchase Agreement Process

    Once we have a signed Letter of Intent from a buyer, the buyer typically engages in due diligence — a short period of time in which he can examine your business in more detail before making his final decision to proceed with the purchase.

    Twelve31 Advisors helps you manage this process by creating a strict timeline and making sure confidentiality is maintained. We also help the buyer secure his funding and “run interference” with the attorneys to head off any potential disagreements in the negotiation of the Purchase Agreement.

  • Referring Professionals

    Twelve31 Advisors strongly advises each party to retain an attorney and accountant with experience in business transactions of this type. We are able to refer you to professionals most qualified to protect your interests and bring your deal to a successful closing.

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