When Does a Franchise Business Make Sense?

When you’re looking to buy or start your own company, you have several options. You could start from scratch, building your own original business from the ground up. You could buy an existing stand-alone business someone has already built. Or, you might buy into a franchise business model (either an existing business or a new […]

Making Your Business Owner Independent

Let’s be honest: many small businesses are brought to life by the sweat and breath of their owners. And while rolling up your sleeves and turning your passion into profits is admirable, if you remain the single foundational element of your company, it’s harder to grow it into a mid-size business or large corporation. It […]

Buying a Business and Making it a Success

Buying a Business and Making it a Successful Business Purchase Creating a successful purchase when buying a business requires smarts, discipline and a large focus on understanding the business. More than just a simple exercise of checking the books, a successful business purchase requires paying attention to the detailed minutiae including a focus on understanding […]

Steps to Get Your Business Ready for a Quick Sale

If you want to make it easy to sell your business, the core principle you need to remember is this: You should work every day to prepare your business for sale. Whether you have any intention of selling your company isn’t the point. The point is, preparing your business for sale long before you’re ready […]

Top Reasons Owners Decide to Sell

Selling your business can be a huge step in your life and career, and at Twelve31 Advisors, our Advisors know that the reasons leading up to this decision are unique. However, some threads reoccur in business transactions, with common reasons for selling popping up among business owners. Here are four of the top reasons you […]

What Due Diligence Is and Why It Is Important?

In the context of buying and selling businesses, due diligence refers to the research required to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal and that no surprises pop up after the transaction is finalized. Any business owner, that’s planning to make a move — either selling their own establishment or buying a new one — […]